Arrange an assessment

Before you book your assessment you will need to have received a ‘DSA Eligibility Letter’ from your funding body. You will also need to supply a copy of the diagnostic evidence of your disability; this will be the same evidence that you gave to your funding body as proof to them that you have a disability.

When booking an appointment, you will be asked to provide:

  • a copy of the letter confirming that you are eligible for the Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) and asking you to make an appointment for an assessment of needs that you received from your funding body;
  • a copy of the diagnostic evidence of your disability(s) that you provided to your funding body proving to them that you are eligible for the DSA; this usually takes the form of an educational psychologist’s report or a doctor’s letter detailing your disability and the impact that it may have on your studies.

You can book an appointment by contacting the Needs Assessment Centre (NAC) by email, by phone or in person. You can alternatively fill the form below and we will get in touch with you very shortly.



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