Student Feedback

Feedback on the Needs Assessment Centre

Dear Student,

At the Needs Assessment Centre we are interested in hearing your views and opinions on the service you have recently received. Your feedback will then enable us to build on what we currently offer; therefore providing the most effective service that we can for our clients.

We would appreciate a little of your time to answer the following questions.

Thank you for your time.


    Making your appointment

  • Attending the assessment

  • The report

  • Additional comments or suggestions



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6 Responses to Student Feedback

  1. Alison Easter says:

    The service was brilliant and would recommend it to other students

  2. Samantha Heydon says:

    The assessment was insightful and helpful and staff were understanding

  3. Alison Farrant says:

    Very helpful and supportive assessors. Explained all the equipment fully and advised appropriatley!

  4. Ben McCullough says:

    Would highly recommended the service. Excellent.

  5. Shimon says:

    Loved the friendly environment and made me feel comfortable

  6. Charlotte Sarsby says:

    Such a useful service. All of the staff were lovely too.

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