What to do after your assessment?

After your assessment has been completed, your assessor will write a Needs Assessment Report (NAR) outlining the recommendations made, based on what was discussed during your assessment. You should receive this within 10 working days from the date of your assessment.

If you requested a draft copy of your report, you have 5 working days to respond; if you do not respond within these 5 days the final report will be sent to your funding body.

A copy of your final report will be sent to you and to your funding body at the same time.

Shortly after you receive your final copy of your NAR you will be sent an entitlement letter (DSA2 Notification of Entitlement) from your funding body (SFE/NHS) confirming what support they have agreed to fund and what you are expected to do next. This letter lets you know which companies have been selected by your funding body to supply the agreed support.

Organising your support

  • If recommended and approved, arrange one-to-one support for both specialist tutors and IT training as soon as possible from the supplier indicated in your entitlement letter (DSA2).
  • Any exam recommendations have to be approved by your university. Contact your Disability Coordinator/Advisor as soon as possible to discuss these adjustments.

Ordering your equipment

  • Using the details provided in the entitlement letter (DSA2), contact the supplier selected to order your equipment as soon as possible. Contact your Disability Coordinator/Advisor at your university if you require help with ordering your equipment.
  • You will be required to make a £200 contribution towards the cost of the recommended computer. Contact your Disability Coordinator/Advisor if you have any question about this.
  • With the approval of your funding body, it may be possible to upgrade the approved equipment using your own funds. You can discuss this with the selected supplier when ordering your equipment.
  • With the approval of your funding body, you can also order your equipment from a different supplier. Any purchase will only be refunded up to the amount quoted by the supplier selected by your funding body.

Receiving your equipment

  • On delivery day, ensure that everything is delivered and working properly; keep the delivery invoice that contains the list of items in the order. Contact your supplier as soon as possible if any item is missing or not working.
  • If not already in place as part of your award, arrange insurance for your equipment under ‘ALL RISKS’, not just for theft. Fill in and return any warranty or registration cards / online forms; these entitle you to a certain amount of support from the manufacturers.

Existing equipment

  • If you already have a computer make sure that its insurance and warranty are extended for the duration of your studies. You have to let your funding body know if you cannot do this.
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