Complaints procedure

If you wish to make a general observation or give feedback about the NAC to help us continue to improve our services: please talk to a NAC staff member, use the online feedback form or phone, write or email the NAC using the contact details provided at the end of this document.

If you wish to make a complaint about the NAC then in the first instance it should be made to the NAC Manager using the NAC complaints form [MS Word document] (also available from the NAC office).

No student making a comment or bringing a complaint under these procedures, whether successfully or otherwise will be treated less favourably by any member of staff than if the complaint had not been brought.  If evidence to the contrary is found in this regard the member of staff may be subject to disciplinary proceedings under University of Northampton policy.

What is the NAC complaints process?

The process is designed to be straightforward to use and to enable us to address your concerns properly.  We will aim to respond to all complaints within five working days.

How to complain

Please contact the NAC using the contact details provided at the end of this document, or follow the instructions above.

What is a complaint?

We receive feedback on many issues, both negative and positive, but generally consider something a complaint if it is a criticism, which expects a reply and would like things to be changed.  The NAC and the University of Northampton may not entertain complaints that are made substantially after the matters complained about, unless there is good reason for the delay.

Who will reply and when?

A reply will come either from the NAC Manager or another senior member of The University of Northampton Student Services.  Depending on your complaint and the research needed to address it, our aim is to respond within five working days.

What if I have not had a reply?

Please contact the NAC at The University of Northampton who will investigate for you.

If I don’t like the reply what happens next?

Please contact the person who first responded to your complaint and take the matter further.

What happens when I choose not to receive a reply?

Your criticisms will still be noted and recorded, because we compile an annual report on all complaints and feedback for the NAC.

Anonymous Complaints

Complaints require investigation to enable resolution: where a complaint is made anonymously it will not be possible to undertake such an investigation. For practical reasons, therefore, normally, no action will be taken in respect of complaints made anonymously.

Third Party Complaints

No investigation of a complaint made on behalf of a student will be undertaken without that student’s written agreement to the concerns raised and written consent for an investigation to be carried out.  This includes complaints made by the parent or the spouse of the student concerned.

If you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt with and still wish to keep your complaint informal, you may choose to take your concerns to the Assistant Head or Head of Student Services at the University of Northampton.


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