Confidentiality and Data protection policy

The Needs Assessment Centre (NAC) is committed to and places a high priority on ensuring confidentiality and data protection to all its clients, whether they are University of Northampton students or external students from other Higher Education Institutions.  No third party will be provided with any of the information you give us, unless you give us your approval to do so.

At the start of your Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) assessment, you will be asked to sign a Data Protection Act (DPA) permission form so that we can collect, record and, if needed, distribute relevant personal information about you and your disability.

We only pass on personal information with prior express permission.  Normally, we will only pass on information on a need to know basis, which is relevant and accurate in order to help provide the best support for you during your studies.

After your assessment, for your application for the DSA to proceed, we will have to write a report for your funding authority.  It is also standard practice to send a copy of your report to the Disability Coordinator/ Advisor (or similar title) at your university or college, so that they are aware of the recommendations made for you as a result of your assessment.  However, if you do not want us to do this, you can tell us when you are asked to sign the DPA form at the start of your assessment; if that is the case, only you and your funding authority will receive a copy of your report.  We do encourage you to allow us to send a copy to your Disability Advisor as otherwise their ability to provide you with suitable support during your studies may well be limited.

All NAC staff work in a confidential environment and all documentation that we process is stored securely.

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